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Glen Shulfer

Parish Composer & Musician

Compositions include:
Sacred Music
Classical Compositions

Piano & Organ
Classical & Electric Guitar
Drums & Percussion

Helen Nathan

Director of Liturgy & Music

Compositions include:
Sacred Music


Selections marked are not on our previous CDs!

All songs, words and music are © copyright Glen Shulfer. All rights reserved.


My Strength-CD (4.9 MB)
Based on Psalm 18:
I Love You Lord, My Strength
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time-Cycle A

CD version with coda I never liked. There were at least two other versions before this; the original is below.

  My Strength-original (3.6 MB) Original recording with "wrong" words "I do believe in what you say is true." Recorded in October 2005? Did Ave Maria and this (with the choir) at the Mukwonago Arts Festival in Nov. 2005.
  I'll Come Home (11.8 MB!!) Never sang in public; only recorded at Glen's, sometime before September 2006. This is probably the last thing we recorded together.




Ps. 23: The Lord is My Shepherd
(3.9 MB)

Notes: VERY rough mix; synthesized choir is too loud; chords in verses were pre-recorded too far apart, making chant too slow. Even though this is one of the first psalms Glen wrote, we never got around to recording a really good version of this. (Not even the paraphrased version, of which only one copy survived from accidental erasing.)

  Ps. 42: Like a Deer That Longs For Running Streams
(5.2 MB)

Lectionary Psalm for Easter Vigil
Notes: ending is messed up and chopped up unnaturally in editing. Key change was later discarded but never re-recorded.

Exodus 15: Let Us Sing to the Lord;
He Has Covered Himself in Glory (3.8 MB)
Lectionary Psalm for Easter Vigil

"HORSE". We did this at Easter Vigil, 2006, but Glen sang it live instead of me.

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