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Two songs from the St. Charles Borromeo production I did as Sr. Mary Amnesia in Baltimore MD, May, 1998: "So You Want to be a Nun" and "I Could Have Gone to Nashville."

Check 'em out on YouTube. Sorry for the awful video quality; it's better in the close-ups. I was in pretty good voice for these, especially the first one.



Songs that Glen Shulfer wrote that we recorded in Mukwonago WI from 1999-2006. He made slideshow/videos of these.

My Strength - based on Psalm 18

Flow, Water Flow - for use as a sprinkling rite, at baptisms, etc.

Cup of Salvation - based on Psalm 116

Down on Emmaus Road - Composed for Fr. Bob Drutowski's 25th Anniversary of Ordination, based on the Gospel reading he always used.

I'll Come Home - the last song we recorded together.

More Cowbell! Famous Christopher Walken & Will Ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live
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Church bloopers Church bloopers (circulated via email, unknown source)
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How to fold a shirt Amazing demonstration of how fast and neatly a shirt can be folded.
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Outsourcing Saturday Night Live (?) skit parodying company outsourcing to foreigners
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Wake Up Kitty

Cat owners will appreciate the Simon Tofield cartoon video below.
There are more on YouTube.



I'm kind of embarrassed to post these because they're not perfect. But unfortunately, they're all I've got...

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I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day - just me; acappella at 11 a.m. Christmas Day Mass at St. Anthony of Padua on Canal Street in New Orleans.


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Ave Maria-Schubert

Ave Maria (Schubert); Chris Chandler and me, St. Monica-Duluth GA. October 16, 2010. (I'll re-record this soon; beginning was clipped and Chris didn't play through to the end!)
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Ave Maria-Bach-Gounod Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod); Chris Chandler and me, St. Monica-Duluth GA. Oct. 24, 2009, Vigil Mass (a MUCH better recording of this will be posted on Oct. 17, 2010. (Recorded at Vigil Mass, 10/16/10)
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Ave Verum Corpus Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus; Chris Chandler and me, St. Monica-Duluth GA. Feb. 21, 2009, Vigil Mass. (I wasn't in the best voice here. Will re-record ASAP.)
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O Holy Night Helen (singing) and Bud Moore (on organ) recorded live at Midnight Mass at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Christmas 1993.
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O Holy Night Helen (singing) and Glen (on piano) recorded live at 10 p.m. "Midnight" Mass at St. James, Mukwonago, Christmas Eve 2005. This was the sixth Mass for us that day! (and Mass #7 of 9 in three days.)
4ADV: (4:30 Sat) + 7:30, 9 & 11 SUN. Christmas Eve SUN 4, 6 & 10 p.m. Christmas Day: 8 & 10 a.m. That was a KILLER!
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What Child is This? What Child is This (Glen & me, Nov. 2006)
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my Glensong Music audio files Glensong Music collection. Be sure to also click the Work Tracks link at the upper right hand or lower left hand corner.  

Artwork - useful for Parish work

Sorry, some of these links are obsolete; I'll have to clean them up another time.

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An INCREDIBLE Catholic resource for artwork and a huge amount of information and links that match, support or explain the readings of the day.

Click on the date you want at the left hand side of the page, then scroll down to the "graphics and multimedia" section to find appropriate clipart/paintings etc.

Churchartonline Great for Christian clipart-requires $50 annual subscription after 30-day trial.
Bible Picture Gallery Lots of images to choose from .
Christart More Christian clipart (free)
FaithClipart Christian clipart-requires $50 annual subscription after 14 days trial.
HeartLight Art and graphics-much of it is free
Scripture Graphics
Indexed by scripture citation (free)
Bible Revival Public Domain religious illustrations (very limited)
Crossmap Some really nice images but not user-friendly to find out costs; some stuff is VERY expensive. Be sure to explore all the brightly colored tabs across the top, not just clipart.
Catholic Picture Gallery Topical index linking to scans of holy cards and paintings, etc.
CrossDaily Another subscription Christian graphics service. Very expensive, works on "image credits" policy. Monthly price depends on the level of access you want.

Olga's Gallery

Olga's Gallery
Religious Topics

Extensive indexes, information and links to masterpieces. Includes information about the topics and artists too.
Web Gallery of Art Extensive collection of masterpieces here too. Search by artist, topic, etc.
Bible Picture Gallery Tons of free images

Bible and its Story

Child's Life of Christ


Bible Pictures

Story of the Bible

Color Bible for Kids


Noah's Ark

The Bible and its Story. Features single pages full of black and white and color bible illustrations from old books.

Religious and other artwork - for enjoyment

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Sidewalk Art Incredible 3-D sidewalk art (scroll down the page a little to see them.)
Jeanne Keaton

Religious Artwork (not an easy site to navigate, but beautiful pencil drawings.)
Click on "prints", choose a topic and explore. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

More Jeanne Keaton artwork A little taste of her artwork, very easy to look through these.
Artwork by Larry van Pelt Modern-day images of Jesus; Pencil drawings similar in style to Jeanne Keaton; really neat stuff. Be sure also to click on page 2.